Brick Constructor at Laval Virtual

Thank you for visiting our booth E55 at Laval Virtual conference. Please, email us to get a beta-testing steam key. We also invite you to signup to our mailing list on our LaunchRock page here.

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On the Way to Laval Virtual

We're excited about joining Europe's largest conference and exhibition for Virtual Reality in Laval on April 5-8. We'll be showing to you our newest Brick Constructor for VR, and also our earlier sandbox experience CubeTerrain VR. We're looking forward to building new partnerships and exploring industrial applications for our technology.

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Our Vision

Our team at Physical Toys is dedicated to bring the childhood's joy of experimentation, design and construction to players in Virtual Reality.

We aim to empower players' creativity by means of intuitive VR interaction that have a real-world feel to them.

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Projects & Prototypes


This is our sandbox creative experience for desktop and VR, where you can rapidly experiment & build constructions. Modify a single blocks, use wider brushes, or mark & extrude parts for your world. Use multiple materals & attach custom 'prop' models to your constructions. Finally you can demolish your scene & things turn physical & dynamic & can be set on fire.

Brick Constructor

As children many of us forget ourselves in crative flow snapping together construction bricks & building dream structures. We researched & prototypes mathematical & geometrical algorithms that take function of our sense of touch, and lower-level brain's reflexes. As the result a player can focus on the idea & constuct structures within minutes, easily & intitively snapping together toy parts as they'd do in the real reality.

Our Team

Piotr Baja Picture

Piotr Baja

Engineer #One at Physical Toys, passionate about VR, IoT and other emerging technologies. Home-grown experimentator with DIY-IoT solutions. Specializing in C#, Python, Unity 3D. Experienced in general Web technologies. In spare time running a YouTube channel where creates tutorial videos. Exploring the entire world of VR interactions at Physical Toys now.

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Marcin Kułaga Picture

Marcin Kulaga

Art head & all-round concept artist, 3d modeller, painter, texturer, animator, storyboard creator, and a huge filmmaking enthusiast. Macin studied at a National School of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, and also graduated from Warsaw Gamedev School.

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Adrian Gasiński Picture

Adrian Gasinski

Technical founder & design head, also a C++ engineer specializing in 3D math, geometric modeling, real-time physics simulation. Worked with Havok, Google, and Leap Motion in Dublin, Munich & San Francisco. Dedicated to research in VR & development of interactive & intuitive experiences that mimic the real-reality.

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Partnering Companies Specializes in organizing VR events, and in development of VR & AR applications. Specializes in AR & business applications.

Contact Us

Please, feel free to reach out for any inquiries:

Or visit us at our office in Warsaw, Poland at Business Link PGE Narodowy